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The IB coordinator at Annie Wright, according to Filiss, was especially helpful when it came to determining whether the student needed to go for a Standard Level (SL) subject or a Higher Level (HL) subject. This built Filiss’ confidence to make her own decisions. “She held multiple information sessions, as well as provided information via email and other formats, as to the requirements of each course and the differences in requirements between SL and HL,” she says.

Though Filiss was not part of the unique five-day or seven-day boarding programme during her time at Annie Wright, she was “envious of the girls who were.” In her teenage mind, it was the equivalent of having sleepover parties every school night. “The dormers usually take part in a lot of fun activities on the weekends, like going to Point Ruston (a local shopping/activities centre) or playing paintball,” she recalls. “It was a very close-knit community.”

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