5 STEM scholarships for Pakistanis to study at the University of Kent


Are you a Pakistani student with an interest in STEM? If so, the University of Kent is offering STEM scholarships for Pakistanis, in partnership with The Bestway Foundation.

The Bestway Foundation Scholarship is for students from and domiciled in Pakistan, applying to the university’s one-year master’s programmes in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

The scholarship is administered and awarded by the University of Kent.

The scholarship takes into consideration your academic performance as well as your financial needs. With that being said, here is some essential information to know before applying for this scholarship.

STEM scholarships for Pakistanis

The Bestway Foundation Scholarships awards STEM scholarships for Pakistanis to pursue a master’s programme at the University of Kent. Source: Daniel Leal/AFP

5 STEM scholarships for Pakistanis up for grabs

Scholarship coverage

The University of Kent and The Bestway Foundation are offering five scholarships of 30,000 British pounds (tuition fees plus maintenance) to Pakistani students applying to their one year master’s programmes in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for this scholarship, you must be from or domiciled in Pakistan. You must apply and receive an unconditional or conditional offer to pursue one of the following postgraduate programmes for one year:

  • Biosciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Computing
  • Mathematics, statistics and actuarial science

Take note that if you have not received an offer for your programme study, the option to apply for this scholarship will not appear in your applicant portal. Applicants will be shortlisted  based on academic performance. Once shortlisted, the applicants will also be considered based on their financial need.

Important things to note

If you are planning to apply for this scholarship, you must ensure that you are available for a virtual interview via Zoom on July 4, 2022.

Although the scholarship is held in partnership with The Bestway Foundation, you should only contact the University of Kent at scholarships@kent.ac.uk with any enquiries.

The University of Kent notes that this award is not available for students applying for PhD programmes, or master’s programmes that include a year in industry.

Application deadline

The deadline for this scholarship is on June 19, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. (BST).

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